Monday, September 22, 2008

Puppy Pic of the Day # 2

The fact that she curled up under the desk and slept at my feet while I finished my work stands in stark contrast to the horrendous assault she made on my ears later in the day.

Yuki is a certified barkaholic. When we eat in the living room on the couch .. he he.. she barks her fool head off at us, non-friggin-stop. And she is L.O.U.D. Headache inducing loud.

Staring at her does not stop her. Turning her over on her back only stops her for as long as you've got her on her back. As soon as she's free, BARK BARK BARK!

So tonight when it happened, I didn't look at her at all. I completely ignored her and she stopped. Just like that. Well, it wasn't three or four barking fits later that she took exception to being ignored and then I went back to rolling her over — again.

It's really hard to get anything done when she's barking in your ear nonstop and you have to get up every 20 seconds to pin her down.

Finally I clapped by hands together twice really hard and loud and that shut her up. I think she thought the noise had something to do with the ceiling fan because she spent the next few minutes giving it the hairy eyeball.

The she went out for a walk, which is exactly what should have happened to prevent all of this in the first place.


SquirrelGurl said...

Ahhh... I feel your pain with the barking! Shelties are NOTORIOUS barkers, they go on and on and on... The first obedience class I ever took Stormy was a 90 minute non-stop barking session punctuated with vomiting, it was grand. He was about the same age as Yuki then, I'll never forget the sound of his high pitched yapping echoing off those cement walls... I was mortified and nearly in tears- but the trainer convinved me to come back and we worked through it.

The Storm Dog now knows the meaning of the word "Quiet!" Especially when it is issued in a deep, growling type voice. But we had to resort to physically holding his mouth shut to get the point across, but that how ingrained it gets sometimes. The only other options were to deal with it or have him de-barked... neither of which was an option.

Luckily for you, ignoring the behavior stopped it for a while... if she were a sheltie she would have merrily carried on her chorus :o)

Good luck with the training!

kim* said...

oh noisy dogs, thats why i stick to cats :)but someones gotta love the rascals :P

CAT Productions said...

But, she's so cute!

Giftbearer said...

Carmella doesn't bark very much, but I'm still trying everything in the book to get her to stop chewing on all my appendages. She tackles my leg when I come into the kitchen, and I've got bruises all over my arms too.