Friday, July 04, 2008

A grown-up newf and her favorite toy.

Big Green Monster
Mr. Field Notes indulged me in splurging on a $20 dog toy. It is the size of a basketball and has 8 dangling octopus legs, 2 with squeakers. Its body has another loud, 'farting' noise maker and a rattle. Katy loved it from day one. Now, puppy loves it too and every time Katy wants to play with it so does puppy. Poor Katy has become Yuki's new BFF. But the sentiment is not mutual. Yuki is certainly not Katy's BFF and this is most obvious during big toy play. Katy wants to play rougher than she can with the baby so she approaches her people with the big toys and gets flustered when puppy barges in. Katy does play and do the whole play fight thing with the baby, but Katy really loves to rough house. That's where her nickname the Baroness von Roughenhausen came from. So now Katy can't play with her favorite green monster like she used to. .. just one of the myriad ways Katy's life is changing.