Wednesday, September 10, 2008

25 Skills Every Man (and Woman) Should Know: A New Meme

According to Popular Mechanics, there are 25 skills every guy should know. I think women should know these things too, of course, but since I have actually done vanishingly few of the things on the list, let alone have knowledge of how to do them, it wouldn't make for a very fun meme. So, this is a meme to brag about your mate, brother, dad, husband, etc.

How it works: Bold the skills you have seen your guy do successfully. Italicize those you know he knows how to do but that you've not had the chance to witness firsthand. When you're done, tag 5 people.

Mr. Field Notes is a real DIY guy, I'd say:
1. Patch a radiator hose
2. Protect your computer
3. Rescue a boater who has capsized
4. Frame a wall
5. Retouch digital photos
6. Back up a trailer
7. Build a campfire
8. Fix a dead outlet
9. Navigate with a map and compass
10. Use a torque wrench
11. Sharpen a knife
12. Perform CPR
13. Fillet a fish
14. Maneuver a car out of a skid
15. Get a car unstuck
16. Back up data
17. Paint a room
18. Mix concrete
19. Clean a blot action rifle
20. Change oil and filter
21. Hook up an HDTV
22. Bleed brakes
23. Paddle a canoe
24. Fix a bike flat
25. Extend your wireless network

As for Dr. Field Notes, I can paint a room, retouch digital photos, build a campfire, paddle a canoe and protect my computer (ah, no wait, that was Mr. Field Notes who did that). I know how to get a car unstuck from snow, I think! That's one of the things, like building a campfire, that you learn when you grow up in a place like MT. I've just never had an occasion to do it. It doesn't exactly snow here.

If you're reading this, you're tagged!


SquirrelGurl said...

I responded to your meme tag... check it out :-)

It was a fun one!

Connie from Sweet Figments said...

looks like fun. i'll fill it out later. i gotta run to the store now :)