Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Big Green Monster Movie

Because it wouldn't be newfoundland news be without the newfoundlands, here they are duking it out very politely over their favorite toy, Big Green Monster.

... That sound at the very end is Katy shaking out her jowls. It makes a sound every bit as distinctive as the chest beat of a gorilla.

The Big Green Monster toy, even at $20, is one of the 2 toys I would buy them again. The other one is Kong Wubba XL, which is recently deceased. The top part squeaks to make a horrendous sound that drives them crazy. And, it took more than a year for the squeaker ball to be chewed out - a testament to it's sturdiness. But, as soon as it was, they went crazy... we are talking HYPER crazy over the ball.

Frantic crazy.

To say they LOVE balls is a gross and serious understatement. There is no word to describe the enthusiasm or sheer mania that captures what happen when they get a ball. Let's just say in the mayhem that ensued, the little one got crashed into a wall and injured her leg enough to be rushed to the vet and need medication for a week. She has just begun to stop limping and crying. It was really very heartbreaking to see her in such pain. So, we decided balls can no longer be played with inside.

But, we are looking at getting another Kong Wubba XL sometime. Its dead carcass is turning out to be a great chew and tug toy. And, any toy that lasts a year with heavy duty use is a good one in our book.

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