Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Collection of My Favorite Etsy Finds

Today I got the chance to create for esty.com one of these things called a 'treasury.'

Members of etsy, the online company I sell my paper through, can compose collections of other etsy member's artwork. The collections are called "treasuries" and are basically a 3 item x 4 item poster style collection of thumbnail images of listings on etsy.

The etsy website's front page of displays a treasury and they are rotated throughout the day so fresh ones are always available for viewing pleasure. The best ones are themselves a work of art.

People who put them together are called "curators," which reflects the idea that these treasuries are mini galleries. People compete like mad to get the opportunity to create one, and today I got that opportunity.

It's the second time I have created one. The last time was back in April. This time I pulled my selections from things I had bookmarked for future purchase. If I bought everything from it, I'd spend $498.5 plus probably $60 in shipping.

Of course, I wouldn't need to actually buy the scarf and I don't wear earrings. But, I could substitute this pendant for the ginkgo leaf earrings. I'm very fond of the necklace in the lower left corner by Stonehouse Studio, but I like this necklace even more. The three pieces can be removed so it can be worn with one, two or all three 'beads.'

The elephant is actually a vinyl wall decal, which I am not crazy about actually putting on a wall because I don't think it would look as nice as paint would. I wish the artists who made these things would sell stencils because I would buy one of them! But maybe the stencils do look nice - the artist who makes these has sold more than 1,000! A big 4 foot elephant would certainly add some spice to our large, bare dining room wall.

Speaking of all this purchasing... today I made a rather large purchase of a huge dresser/over sized buffet for our dining room. I bought it outright, which feels good. I love not having to put big ticket items on a credit card. It will store all of my papermaking gear: my large seed collection, lavender clippings, Accucut machine and dies, cloth, etc. so that it is all concealed. It all currently sits on the large dining room table, a giant clutter that I have come to abhor. But, it is convenient where it's at, so this buffet solves the clutter problem and keeps it all conveniently located.

I resisted the urge to buy the newfies an ottoman, keeping in mind that I still need a reserve of cash for putting the sprinkler system in, the new turf and the bathroom remodel.


AccentEnvy said...

Great treasury. Couldn't you go broke with all the great shops on Etsy.

Field Notes said...

Yes, easily, I think!

~ tracychong ~ said...

Wow, thank you for including my cat! I don't think I saw the actual treasury. Also, I'm enjoying your good mix of scientific and art/craft posts.