Saturday, March 01, 2008

Japanese Cast Offs = $$$$$

When I visited Japan and went to shrines, gardens, and other 'tourist' sites, I was always given a pretty entrance stub with Japanese kanji, photography, or artwork on them. I saved the neat ones and brought them home with me where they have been sitting inside a box, virtually untouched for the last 10 months.

I have dozens of these, but they're not materials I use in my own art. I don't really need to keep them, and I am not about to just chuck them in the recycling bin or put them in the blender to make into handmade paper. They are far too gorgeous for that.

So I jumped on the etsy business techniques and materials forum and explained briefly what I had then asked the question, "Do you think there's a market for them here or should I just recycle them?"

Who knew that when I decided to virtually liquidate my collection of what on etsy falls into the category of "ephemera," that I actually could! I put two sets up for sale and within minutes - minutes - they sold.

I started the thread and it was still going 7 hours later, even after the collection was sold out.

Multiple people commented and said don't recycle them! Post a picture! I am very interested in them! List them!

So, I did. They flew off the shelf, leaving me wishing I had more.

I don't know why I thought of it, maybe because Mr. Field Notes and I went on a cleaning jag in the office recently, or because I realized I was never going to use them and collage artists might.

I had to share the experience with Mr. Field Notes' dad, who took us to Japan. He told me Japanese tourists just throw the stubs on the ground, littering the exits of the shrines. He plans to collect as many as he can find on his next visit there. I am so fortunate.

Believe me, I am even more excited to go back to Japan now that I know how valuable the garbage is!


Amy Esther said...

Wow, well they ARE beautiful. Definitely I'm not surprised tons of people want them...

Anonymous said...

Now there is briliant recycling!

Anonymous said...

how beautiful! I wish I'd gotten my hands on some of that. My daughter's bedroom has a japanese theme.

Field Notes said...

That reminds me of a creepy scene in Braveheart, No. 1, and B, that is so true, that one person's trash is another person's coupla bucks. :)

able mabel said...

What a great idea! Good for you!

collagecreations said...

I was the purchaser of the Japanese ephemera! It is amazing that I happen to notice them at that particular moment isn't it? I was in Japan eons ago, collected lots of "stuff" and have used it up...I love using bits and pieces from differnt cultures in my collages, so thank you!!

Little Lovables said...

My father lived in Hong Kong and my brother is from Korea, so I love all these Asain.

I so wish I had some of these!!

Field Notes said...

I actually have some more that I need to photograph and upload so stay tuned =D