Friday, December 28, 2007

Bird Identification Challenge

One year someone gave me a National Audubon Society Page-A-Day calender of birds. I saved some of my favorite bird images from the calender and mounted them on cards made from my handmade paper.

I have more of these than I know what to do with, so I listed them on Etsy and also donated a set to the Etsy For Animals store. The EFA store donates all sales proceeds to animal charities. The sale of my cards went toward Pug rescue, allegedly. I figure that with my labels on the back, at least the recipients will know where they came from.
I think these cards would be perfect for bird lovers, bird watchers, Audubon enthusiasts and anyone who prefers to make eco-friendly consumer choices.

I've left the birds unidentified so you can give your birdwatching friend a terrific identification challenge.

The cover example is a bird I've always had trouble identifying in the field. Its look-a-like is too similar to be able to identify it accurately when it's out on the water and you're on shore. I think many waterfowl are really best identified with a scope. And, I think if you have to bring a scope with you, well, it's just not usually worth it.

All of this reminds me that I once worked for the National Audubon Society. It was an okay job and I certainly got very well-acquainted with grant-funded grass roots environmental work. I learned first hand about coordinating and communicating with like-minded NGOs, bureaucratic waste, inertia, etc. Inefficiency.

I am pleased to have worked for them, after all, it is a charitable organization whose mission I support.


pelecypods said...

I do know what the bird is in your picture. I want tell!
I seen a lot of these birds this fall and had never seen them before, a beautiful bird.
Cards are also nice and that is a good idea to reuse pictures on cards.

Charlie said...

hiya just read your comment on my blog, good luck with getting your dissertation published, you must have done very well! maybe your treat should be a break from work?

Field Notes said...

Go ahead and I.D. the birds :) It's okay!

pelecypods said...

Bird in first picture on card with redhead is of course called a Redhead. This is a diving duck.
The other birds on pictures I do not know, maybe European or African birds?

SquirrelGurl said...

Is the bird at the top a Canvasback?

Field Notes said...

Exactly - it's one or the other :) Redheads have shorter bills and darker backs than canvasbacks. The differences are easy to spot in an open guidebook but out in the field with less than ideal lighting and from far away... it's often a toss up.

That's why I like ruddy ducks. They are un-believably-obvious. But, I like seeing their bills so much I'd rather see them up close :)