Monday, December 03, 2007

A Battle of Wills

The Newf is one persistent animal. She knows what she wants and pursues it relentlessly.




She whined at me this morning to get the day going. She had plans. She wanted to meet her daily goals: pee, eat, poo, nap, nap, nap, beg for treats, snooze on the couch... I meanwhile just wanted to sleep in a little. Oh well. What Katy wants, Katy gets.

She keeps winning the battle of wills to snooze on the couch. Sometimes she wins the battle of wills to chew on herself. She's a nervous kid so when she's bored a bit she licks her paws, her rear, her thigh. When I see her I always give her a stern "Heeeeeey" and she stops. I often win that one. But not so with the couch. She's sneaky and sleeping is a quiet activity so I can't catch her as quickly. Thus she gets the satisfaction and reward of being on the couch.

I got tired of making our bed in the morning with the dog sheet over our made bed, so I resorted to shutting the door to the room. But I can't shut the door to the living room. I would like her to use the big comfy chair instead of the couch; we've got the dog sheet draped over it. We rarely sit in it, so the sheet can stay on the chair indefinitely. But she doesn't like the chair as much. "It's too small" is what she grumps when she climbs out of it after a few minutes. At least she's used the chair more than once since we draped the sheet over it. We'll see who wins this one. I have a feeling it won't be me.

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Breena Ronan said...

She's so cute. How can you resist giving in to her every demand?