Friday, November 02, 2007

Trunkt: The Buyers Guide to Art & Design Entrepreneurs

Trunkt is an online juried gallery where artists can display their work to the world free of charge. I don't know how much traffic it gets, or how selective it is, but many people on etsy swear by it. Evidently it's a compliment to be selected, it generates exposure, and eventually sales. It functions like an actual art gallery. So I applied one night when I couldn't get to sleep. And lo and behold, I was accepted! My embossed fall foliage cards are featured in the paper goods portfolio - right at the top. Many other artists have created online portfolios and most of it is well worth owning or at least looking at. It's also a great place to look for unique gifts to give this holiday season.


DancingFish said...

Congrats! I've never heard of that site but can't wait to check it out. I would love to give only handmade gifts this year!

Field Notes said...

Thanks! I found lots of things I like there, and would love to shower my friends and family with any of the things I added to my wishlist at Trunkt :)

Samantha said...

You're doing better than me! They rejected my sorry butt! They really are a classy website, though, so I can't say much. Besides Congrats, of course!