Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Projects - Why do they pile up so darn fast?

I know it's because I have a lot of ideas and I routinely bite off more than I can chew! Not really, I just get distracted, or bored, or whatever lame excuse I have for Putting Things Off. Well today I polished off a couple of projects, and of course, I can see at least three that are half done. Nope, make that 4. Grr. Five. And that's just what came to mind when I thought about for 15 seconds.

Those dissertation revisions are still hanging over my head. I have to convince myself IT IS WORTH IT to revise it and submit it. It's a lot easier to resolve to succeed in the alternate career path I've chosen. More on that later. Statements about WHY it is worth it to publish one's dissertation are welcome!

Here are a couple of easy things I've finished.

A pen or office gadget holder, made out of toilet paper tubes and paper I had left over from a previous project. I listed one on etsy and got lots of praise for it. Rather than selling it, I ended up trading it for a neat silver wrapped pendant that I can wear with almost everything. I plan on listing this one soon, along with another like it that I made with Japanese paper. [Listed now].

I also got a hair brained idea to make felt monkey face ornaments. I've seen some inspiring felted ornaments on etsy but didn't want to duplicate other people's ornaments so I thought - monkeys! I doubt many people would want to hang a monkey face on their "holiday" tree, especially a freaky looking one like this species, a golden snub-nosed langur, so I may end up making something else to sell.

I am at least going to make a couple more so my niece and nephew can have one from their Primate Doc Aunt.

I don't know who in my family started the tradition of getting an ornament every year, but I have a Christmas ornament from each year I've been alive, give or take some years during college and grad school, and each is dated. I think it's a neat tradition.

This year is the first Christmas we'll be spending in our home so we decided to get a tree. Although, I do think Mr. Monkey looks quite nice hanging from the umbrella tree in my office.

We got a permit from the Forest Service and will go up this weekend to get our tree. We've got snowshoes, warm clothes, and gear to enjoy hot chocolate when we're done. I think Mr. Field Notes friend from work will video the experience and post it. I am sure we will have quite a story.

Her Royal Newfiness The Thundering Herd Dog will come with us. She looks like a bear so I'm going to outfit her with a hunter's orange jacket. We bought the fabric today. I don't have a pattern, but Max got a hand-me-down jacket from his cousin Charlotte so I've got something to work off. Mr. Field Notes wanted some Desert Storm style camo for the inside, but I want to make this thing reversible and I don't want my "kid" wearing camo. Really, I didn't want both sides to be fleece. It'll be brown corduroy on the inside. It was on sale 50% off, and is dark so her hair will be less noticeable when it coats it.

I'll post pictures when she's ready to model it. For now, you'll just have to be tided over by these two adorable pup pics:

Pinapple Upside Down Max

Snuggle Heads


Christian Student Scientist said...

I love the pen holders! What an awesome idea! And the paper pattern is gorgeous.

I am definitely "tided over" by the 'Snuggle heads' :) Although I am not a dog person, I have moments when I wish I had a dog anyways. It is definitely one of those moments.

I'll be watching the comments to this post for the reasons to keep up with dissertation. Sometimes I really want to drop the whole thing.

One reason for you to publish your dissertation could be that you could come up with some awesome art projects made out of the pages of your dissertation.

SquirrelGurl said...

Oh neat! Have fun tree hunting!! You know, you could design her coat like the vests service animals wear... you know the kind that slip over their heads and tie underneath like these: . Then you could get cool patches for her :-)

Field Notes said...

Thanks for the comments you guys! I may have to devote a post just to the value of publishing a diss... like this afternoon to convince myself to actually do it and not just so I could make a funky collage out of it, tho that is definitely one fun thing I could do with it when it's made it to print! Somehow I have to get the Newfy coat sewn too.

She's going to eventually have a "Newfpaper Delivery" patch or "Waterworks Rescue."

Just A Stay At Home Mom said...

I like the monkey and that pen holder is soo cute! What a neat idea :)

Terri said...

Those pen holders are so cute and I LOVE the monkey ornaments!

threemuses said...

The monkey ornament is adorable... but maybe just because I love monkeys. I wouldn't put it on my tree, but I would hang it in my home or in my window.