Saturday, November 03, 2007

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

When I was in high school I won a the "CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics" for being my high school's star chem student. It offers "the most authoritative, up-to-date data to scientists around the world."

At the time, my chem teacher probably hoped that I would go on to be an amazing chemist who would frequently use the book. Obviously I didn't go into chemistry - blame a series of cruddy college chem profs and stellar psych profs for that one! When I began college I really had every intention of majoring in chemistry and biology. I never took a college bio class (sh!) because I got the AP credit. Although I didn't major in bio or chem, I did continue to study biology pretty heavily. Chemistry fell by the wayside, and now sadly the best I can do is list some elements. Nevertheless, I still use that $140 CRC Handbook every freaking day - as a paper weight.

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MOGLi said...

LOL. that's one expensive paper weight!