Friday, May 23, 2008

Plantable biz cards turned out beautifully!

One of the wonderful aspects of is that they've made it possible to request - and fulfill - custom orders. This has been a huge boon to clients who love the idea of making their biz cards, tags and customer appreciation or other promotional gifts out of plantable paper. For many, it's the first they've heard of the concept.

Although I've made custom plantable papers before, the most recent one turned out really, really well. I made the paper base out of completely recycled paper - newspaper page proofs - for a creamy white color. I added wildflower seeds plus flower petals and bits of metallic and mohair yarn scraps from Mr. Field Notes' weaving. Adding the petals and yarn bits increases the time it takes to make each sheet, but I think the effect it achieves is worth it.
The Pretty Peacock can be visited here.


BlossomingTree said...

This is lovely and a very unique idea. I'm going to have to keep you in mind when I need promo material. This is awesome.

Beat Black said...

those are really pretty and super creative

Arasay Ontaguemay said...

what a cool idea!

Marian said...

Those are quite beautiful. The paper itself is gorgeous!