Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just Lay Me in My Grave Now!

That must have been Max's thought last night when he climbed into the dirt of the freshly built planter bed to take a nap.

We've been giving him more unsupervised outdoor time now that the backyard is completely fenced off. Usually he wanders around seemingly aimlessly for hours but lately he's been napping outside. He's slept next to the lavender, on the deck, and now — the planter bed.

He looked so cute and peaceful that I really couldn't groan about the seeds that I laid down that were now inevitably in his fur. He just looked so sweet and so unlike the curmudgeonly old man who has given us a headache with his almost complete inability to do his business outside rather than the living room carpet even though he gets to go outside and spend hours out there everyday now.

I'm a little worried about how he'll cope with the addition of another dog. Will it be enough to send him over the edge? Mr. Field Notes and I joke about how he's bound to try to throw himself into traffic, off a bridge or whatever other means to end his misery he musters up. For now, he's just practicing at pushing up daisies.


Waterrose said...

Ahhhh.... We have an old rotweiler and introduced a brittany and a brussels griffon as puppies to the household about 3 years energized the old man. They know when to leave him alone and when he wants to play.

Marian said...

Is he really old??
I've had around 15 dogs in my 30 years of life. No, it's not that they lasted shortly, but, Ive had many at a time.
I remember having an adult doberman when we introduced a puppy (later his wife ;) ). And he was interested at first but then he was als a bit pissed off every now and then...the puppy wanted to play all the time and the adult wasn't all that keen on it...all the time. But there was never violence of any kind. Just a couple of barking moments when the adult, I know, was yelling at us for what we had done to him!

Field Notes said...

I wouldn't say that he's really old, but he is 12 or 13. When we brought Katy home he stopped playing with toys. She dominates him and intimidated him out of toys. She's so much bigger than he is I think he decided for safety's sake that toys weren't worth it. Now that they've gotten used to each other he's gotten interested in toys again, but it's nowhere near where it used to be.

beadinbythesea said...

Oh, he's is so sweet with those puppy dog eyes! He may surprise you with the addition to your family. It might be just the thing he needs to get a new lease on life. I'll be checking back to see how he does!