Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Webbed Animal Cards

Finally I found time to photograph this card I made from my handmade paper and scraps from Mr. Field Notes' weaving.

The green metallic yarn scintillates and the giraffe casts neat shadows in the sunlight.

When the sun shines in the afternoon, which has been rare this month, light hits a spot on my office desk where I can take good photos of my cards.

Although many suggest constructing a light box, natural light is better in my experience — afternoon especially.

This was the first time I used a black background.
What is it? Nothing more than a leather portfolio I used all throughout grad school and — ha ha ha — my diploma!

I have cut out some other charismatically shaped animals to make some more of these.

The first one I made became Mr. Field Notes' 29th birthday card (that was some number of years ago). I wrote the message on the other side of the front panel, that way the words don't interfere with the view.

The distinctive "webbed" designs of Genie the Weaver inspired my creation of the card.

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ickleson said...

Fab picture. I love anything sparkly so the metallic thread's a real hit with me. x