Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Broke My Glasses in A Spectacular Accident

They split in half. There was no resurrecting them. I had no backup. It was late in the day. I live in a small town. I can't see a foot in front of my face clearly without them.

What to do? After considering the options in town, Mr. Field Notes and I decided to drive to the nearest city rather than having me wear old contacts from 6am to 10 pm every night for the next two weeks while the local vision outfitters did their thing. Every place in town, and there were only three, said it would take 10-14 days for them to produce new glasses for me as they mail them all out to be cut somewhere else.

Fortunately the Lens Crafters 100 miles away was open until nine.

We ate mall food for dinner. It was bad, but I can see again.

Today I am seeing through new lenses and looking out onto the new dining room table that was delivered today. Mr. Field Notes and I had been scoping new ones out and finally pulled the trigger on Monday. It's dark and a modern, but still rustic blend of Pottery Barn / Pier 1 style.

I also picked up a new jasmine plant, fully budded and ready to bloom. I re-potted it yesterday and can't wait for spring to see if the one I transplanted outside made it through the winter. The new plant smells heavenly – if there were such a place, jasmine is what it would smell like.


ScienceWoman said...

But you didn't tell us what sort of spectacular accident caused the glasses to break!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I need new glasses. I've been wearing the same temporary contacts for four months. My eyes are red. Lens Crafters is calling my name. But you never told us about the spectaculat accident.

Field Notes said...

The spectacular accident was spectacular on account of how freakishly stupid it was ;=)

I washed my face, then after I dried off, I went to reach for my glasses, and as I tried to put them on as I left the bathroom, they slipped out of my hands and hit the floor.

bye bye $450

punchanella said...

hmmm... they SPLIT IN HALF just by dropping on the floor.

seems unlikely. :) i only know because i drop mine every 56 seconds.

Field Notes said...

I was surprised by it too! I picked them up and stood there looking at them in awe.. Maybe it was the spate of really cold weather we had - going from really cold outside to a warm inside, maybe that stressed the plastic. Who knows. They were about 3 years old.

I am really scared about dropping my new ones. I already have at least once today!

Anonymous said...

wow. ive broke my glasses before and had no spare for a day im with -5.00. how strong are your glasses how did you cope?

Field Notes said...

I think they are about -550... bad enough that I cannot see anything clearly unless it is about 8 inches away. Funny thing is.. this happened to me again later, while I was traveling abroad in 2010. I took my glasses off to wipe the lenses clean and they broke by the temple. No more plastic frames for me :( I managed through the rest of that trip because the two lenses were still together, I just didn't have a way to hook them over my ear one one side, but if I was careful, I could keep them on while they were just balanced on the one side. It was amusing after I got over the initial frustration and now I have switched to metal frames.