Friday, October 12, 2007


Wow, the etsy blog community certainly is active! And they love data as much as I do. The post I wrote about the results of my marriage of science and art (market research) has 14 comments - and counting.

That's more than the number of congrats comments I received for finishing my dissertation (9) and also the Video Packing Professor post (9) about how to pack for three weeks with just a carry-on backpack. Oh, and people had a lot to say about my Snakes in Primate Vision too (9).

But still the posts I get the most google hits from continue to be:
How to Attract Mr. Right
Inside Skinner's Box
Notes on An Inconvenient Truth (also notice that Al Gore won a Nobel Prize for Peace today!)
Immune System Involvement with Endometriosis

Each of these gets at least a few hits a day.

I also see that I've been getting so many hits that my statcounter log is full and won't collect any more data...

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