Thursday, August 30, 2007

Portrait of a Newf and other Art News

Here's my first stab at altering an image using Photoshop filters.

This morning I finished a watercolor painting that I actually started years ago, the first time I lived in this desert oasis. I think I started it in 1999.

I needed a mental break from sewing after the non-sock sock monkey experiment so I decided to paint something.

Painting is a totally different activity so it was sure to be just the thing I'd need to get refreshed.

I dug out my watercolor tablets and realized I had an unfinished painting that I had totally forgotten about. I can't say I was too thrilled to finish it, but I did. It's not my best work; the paint ended up being way too heavy, but here it is. Maybe it would make a nice fridge magnet once shrunken down.

Little did I know that it made me want to paint something else! So I penciled a sketch I will paint and share soon.

If all fails in the world of real employment, perhaps I can sell my art.

On those lists of 100 things you've done in life, like swim with sharks, stand on the Great Wall of China, etc. I always check off "sell a piece of my own artwork." When I was a kid, I'd spend a week each summer with my cousin Adam drawing Garfield. We'd go around door to door asking people if they'd buy our doodles. We made enough everyday to go down and buy penny candy (a lot of it!) from a little grocery store in the neighborhood.

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