Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dissertation Progress!

Today I achieved something marvelous:
I successfully downloaded my online data for study one and imported it via Excel into SPSS. I had to merge the files which was a pain, but 6 hours later I now have a file that is only a few steps away from being analyzable. Then I can start the sadistics. I began with the easier of the two studies so that I would have a confidence booster. The other one is four times as large and presents even more rigamarole before it will be useful.

I still had time to play with my little darlings who were much better behaved today. If you want time to yourself, put the dogs to sleep by setting the thermostat a few degrees higher. You can always put on a tank top :0) while they resort to minimizing their 'travel budget.' It works very well, or at least it did today!

Now that I have a social science and also a behavioral science project underway, I thought I would try a botany experiment as well. I'm attempting to germinate some seeds from my jasmine plant and also a strange pink carnation producing ground cover grass that grows in the front yard.

I even managed to read two articles and am about to iron some clothes.

Productivity :-)

And I did eat breakfast and lunch today so all things considered, I had an excellent day!

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Syfox Sly Cobra said...

syfox here. thanks for the comment on one of my blogs.
i neva knew downloading ur online data for study one and imported it via Excel into SPSS was so hard. i barely understand it any way! Ahahaha

hope we keep i touch,