Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chewy Motor Noodle

When you have a little ruffian who is cute and full of personality, it's inevitable that she's going to get nicknames. The little Yuckster started off as "The Football" on account of her size. Then she got her real name: Yuki. Mr. Field Notes suggested it after looking through a book of kanji. We like the sound of it with Katy since it has some of the same letters but sounds totally different due to the vowels. I think it's a good one because like Katy, it's easy to say and distinctive. That made it easy for Yuki to learn her name. And, although the dogs are not the color of snow, Newfoundlands love icy, cold water. So Yuki is was. But, it morphed into:

Yuckster, Yook-u-lar, Yuki Dukey, Yuki Dooks, Beefins, Chunkins.. see, she went through a pudgy stage.

But she has now lost her baby fat and is all legs and tail and kind of skinny looking. She also has puppy freak outs in which she motors around at high speed. and oh man, does she chew. Bite bite nip nip, yank, pull.. thankfully mostly at Katy but sometimes at us too. She's getting the picture that the rules with us are different than the rules with Katy. Yuki is still learning how to play nicely with people.

Chewy Motor Noodle is very headstrong.


BackwoodSophisticate said...

So cute!

JB Design Boutique said...

Very cute dog. I totally understand. I have 4 four legged family members.

Walk in the Woods said...

Good thing she so darn cute, eh? :D