Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little 'Chunka Beefins' now weighs 51 lbs at 16 weeks.

She's got quite a personality packed into her frame, and at 16 weeks and 51 pounds, we're all wondering how big that little Yookster personality is going to get.

She's talkative. I don't know if that's a newf thing, a thing she picked up from big sister Katy, or something she inherited straight from her original canine family, but man she has a lot to say.

From little yawns and yips to full on I'm-going-to-eat-you-for-lunch barks, she's one Noisy Newfy.

The two newfs do get along very amicably and lately Katy has taken it upon herself to groom little sister's eye boogers, which is really nice considering I think they're yucky and it gets old cleaning them out of her eyes 300 times a day. Well, it's not that often, but newfies do produce a lot of, shall we say, mucous.

Baby Yuki has a whole host of monikers now:

* Yookster
* Chunkins
* Beefins
* Crispins (she's always newfing it up with Katy, who mouths her, and since her puppy coat is not waterproof, the slobber dries to a crisp)
* Yookers
* Ukulele
* Uke-ular
* Yucky Yuki
* Yuckster

And of course, we now have the 8 paws of the Newfpocalypse instead of the Four Paws of the Newfpocalypse... and she hasn't even reached the Freak-Out Puppy Stage yet.

I'm sure that's coming... the time when we will watch on edge as she tears through the whole house at super high speed, running as fast as she can from one end to the next, using every available piece of furniture in her path as gymnastics equipment to show off.


Damselle Jewelry said...

wow! That's a lot of dog! Every day is a new adventure when you bring animals into your home!

Pretty Fun said...

51 lbs!!! My goodness!

Annette said...

For a lot of dog, still cute and lovable!

SHI said...

Too cute! Ohh and mine at over 2 years of age still tear around the house at max speed!! eeeekkkk :)