Sunday, June 29, 2008

Puppy's first swim.

This morning we took Little Miss Intrepid down to the Farmer's Market so she could continue to be exposed to people and loud sounds.

She's already showing signs that she's got a completely different temperament than our other newf. She fearlessly approaches loud and new sounds.

Our older newf cowers behind the fridge if so much as a pin drops. Okay that's an exaggeration, but not much of one!

So that Little Miss Intrepid stays that way, we've decided to drive her to a place with people and sounds everyday so she can get habituated to life in the city.

The Bold One was completely unfazed by the band blaring at the market and everyone who bent down to meet her found themselves walking away trailed by a little Newfoundland.

After about 8 minutes she got cranky - no doubt a combination of being hot, tired and overstimulated - so we drove home but not before stopping at the fountain on campus first — for her first swim.

The pics didn't turn out that well, but I did snap a terrific, melt-your-heart one of her and Mr. Field Notes afterwards.


Waterrose said...

My puppy was very interested in things and loud noises, people never phased him. But, as he has grown older, now 3.5 he is much more cautious. He doesn't immediately go up and greet people, he sizes them up first. There is no reason for him to have become this way...perhaps with age comes caution.

Parallax Photo said...

Aw, reminds me of a friends dog (a big fierce looking dog too) who practically cowers at a pin drop. He's a sweetie though, once he decides you're not going to hurt him.

marywasbrown said...

It is her first experience! That's great. In fact, dogs are always good swimmers. You, the owner of the dog, should proud of her.