Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day - Photos

It must have been wishful thinking to plan a blog post for every day this week. As soon as I get home from one job, I've got to turn into business woman - answering emails about custom orders, arranging large orders, wholesale orders, packaging up orders, printing out labels, re-ordering mailing envelopes for mailing out orders and packaging wholesale orders. It's a lot of damn work. And that's not to mention photographing a new product I'm launching - tree free paper.

I spent about an hour of Earth Day actually outside. I planted some seeds, but mostly I was out taking pics and providing entertainment for my furry four-legged helper.

She made 'friends' with a squirrel who must have a nest in our plum tree. They chattered at each other for a while, and when the squirrel ran off after barking excitedly at Katy, she squealed in excited-frustration-disappointment... arrrrroooorahhhhhooooh she yelped.

Then she flopped down at my feet and waited patiently for me to finish, getting up every so often to sniff my face and give kisses. She was so well-behaved, and cute, that I couldn't help but take some snapshots of her newfyness.

I photographed a set of "Herb Garden in a Card" using mint and rosemary plants growing in a pot. It was a very fragrant photo shoot.

It even attracted the attention of the canine authority. I accidentally broke a piece of mint off, so I held it out to her. She sniffed it skeptically then turned her nose up at it. So I ate it. Yum!! Fresh breath. I should have gone inside to give it to Bad Breath Max, but offered a second piece to Katy who promptly gobbled it up. Hopefully she won't decide to help herself to it any time she feels like it now!

It was pretty cute how it all went down. Blech! I'm not eating that. Not not not. Gross. Oh..... so you're eating it? Well.... where's mine?


So, that's what I did for Earth Day - work work work and more work. A little yard time, hanging out with the newf, eating mint.

... pssst ... The herb cards are available in my etsy store now. They can be used to grow basil, oregano, mint, rosemary, lavender and chives.


Alasdair said...

I think that might be the cutest dog ever :)

Aimee Dars said...

Cute dog!!!! Love your post. I feel for you...I am defending my dis in a couple of weeks!!!!!

Dribs n' Drabs said...

Loved your blog post, such a cute story you painted and pictures to go along perfectly with your story! Great job!

Lost River Rags & CandleLights said...

qWhat a sweet looking pup!

Karma by Morgan said...

i really like the herb cards! and your dog is so cute :)

I think I spent about the same amount of time outside on earth day unfortunately:( bummer.

JLC Studio said...

I love those little packets! Sooo cute...and so is your puppy!! Makes me want one (of each!)

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

What a sweet face she has!

Anonymous said...

Great pic of the squirrel! SO natural and focused!