Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Andy Warhol Orangutan

While playing around with the 'open apple m' command in Photoshop today, I ended up creating a really funky looking image of an orangutan pastel I made a while back.

It reminds me of one I remember seeing a long time ago - painted by Andy Warhol. It's not exactly like his, but I think it captures the spirit of his style.

This morning I started what will become my morning "coffee break" routine. If this morning is any indication, I will be able to spend a useful amount of time every morning working on a primate pastel while I eavesdrop on the conversation of a bunch of guys who remind me of my dad and his friends.

It should be fun seeing how long it takes the staff and other patrons at my new morning place to know me.

Presumably, my usual businesslike demeanor will prevent unnecessary interruptions... which can be good and bad.

Because I can't wear my artwork, creating it in public will be one way people will see it locally - at least until I have enough of a collection to approach galleries! I think my work is destined for galleries and a book.

I think it is interesting to watch artists at work. Heck, I just think it's interesting to watch people period. Okay, not just people - social animals in general. So, by creating my work in public, maybe some time someone will come bug me after observing me for a while. I just might get to blab about primates, hand out my new business cards, and who knows.


Want to learn about why orangutans have those huge cheeks? Read about them here.


Psychgrad said...

Very neat picture! I'm interested in hearing more about your new job. I hope it continues to go well.

Field Notes said...

hi Psychgrad! Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately in my new job I am not at liberty to spill the beans. If that ever changes, I will become a blabber monkey ;)

Dharma Designs said...

Definitely gallery worthy! Keep us posted! :-)

KieutiePie said...

Hmm! I thought Warhol did that kind of coloring as a mockery of his subject or the system. Are you making a mockery of orangutans? =D

I love you! Did you ever get the PIF I sent you btw? =/

Field Notes said...

Thank you!

You bet I will :D

Kieutie, the chow hounds have already laid waste to them. They went over - 8 paws & 4 thumbs up for those babies!!