Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Exciting Partnership Leads to New Study

I'm assisting the local newspaper with a study they are doing on what community amenities (new high school, city pool, traffic control, new police station, etc) taxpayers might be likely to approve in the future. It's a special series on the cost of community development.

I've been roped into putting up the online version of the study. They are not paying me for my time and expertise. I've done more than just format the online stuff; I've also served as a sounding board/consultant for the logistics of doing research, how to best answer the questions they have, and I imagine when the time comes, the data analysis. Instead, they are allowing me to direct participants to my own research when they finish the online portion of the study. If I manage to get 200 participants (essentially for free) through this route, I'll consider it a success and a fair deal. I really should be compensated monetarily, I think. For certain, if I am asked to do data analysis it won't be for free.

So, I whipped together a brand new study - the next in line for my "research program" on the subject of my dissertation. It's exciting to have another study going live. With any luck I'll find another piece of evidence for my theory, and if not, then I'll have a reason to keep working on the area. In any case, I need to find a subsidiary line of research on a new or related topic on nonverbal behavior.

I'll ask you, dear readers, what questions do you have about nonverbal behavior or body language?


DancingFish said...

hmmmmm, I'll have to think on that one for a few days.......Very cool though!

psychgrad said...

Yeah..they're probably taking advantage of you. Make sure to get what your worth with the analyses.

Question about non-verbal behaviour/body language. That's a pretty general topic. Is it among a specific group that you can talk about here? It might be interesting to look at the consequences of inhibiting non-verbal behaviour.