Friday, April 06, 2007

Temporary Peace Treaty Between Rivals

The deal I brokered was short lived, but I think this shows measurable progress toward a more harmonious co-existence between the Prince of Piss & Vinegar and the Baroness von Roughenhausen.

Bet you can guess who got up and left first.

*** This just in: Giant Comfort Hound just flopped down again on the pillow next to Mr. Piss, and he did not get up. Wow. This is a truly historic event. They are both snoozing now. Amazing. I might actually be able to get the rest of my defense slides done without having to stop to run interference!

*** Ah, dang, after 2 minutes of that Miss Newfy must have decided it was just too much. She moved on to her prefered spot by the back door. At least little Mr. stood his ground. They are his pillows after all :=)


Alasdair said...

Great god amighty, is that a newf nose draped over Mr. Rotten?

I guess the doggy tranqs I put in their chow this morning paid off.

Holly said...

oh so you slipped them something this morning eh?

Here I was thinking I was a skilled negotiator...

Mr Rotten is still crashed out. I imagine he won't move an inch until the 5 alarm Newf bell rings 15 mins before you are expected home for lunch!