Thursday, February 01, 2007

Everyone Gets an F for the Day ... Except

It would be great if I could temporarily forget that I have a medical condition that requires attention. It would be great if I could go on about life as if everything is normal. That way, I could get real work done -- like importing new data in to SPSS, running basic descriptive statistics to find out what my sample population looks like, figuring out how to select and eliminate more than one "case" at a time in SPSS so when I run my analyses I can rule out people who don't have siblings or aren't in a romantic relationships when I run analyses on my research questions .... but alas, I am totally preoccupied.

Not even breaking up another knock-'em-down drag-'em-out hair flying brawl between the jerk canines provided relief. The little one who got bullied again this morning literally had the shit scared out of him by Big Bad Bully Boar, and I didn't notice until after I stepped in to break up the fight! Guess how I discovered it?

Stepped in it. Ew.

Between the toes and smashed into my heel. God damned assholes. So there I was with dog crap all over my foot and two dogs still trying to kill each other. I couldn't go after them because then I'd have spread crap all over the floor....


All of a sudden a big, manly winter glove came flying into the bathroom, the scene of the crime.

I turned around and there he was - My Man With Gills, Mr. Hero. Why is he home? Did he get fired? Laid off? Shit. I have a surgery coming up that really needs his company's insurance. What's going on? Crap. Crap. Crap.

Oh, no big deal, just needed to retrieve some equipment at home to get a reporter set up with recording equipment. Whew.

He even stopped long enough to help clean up the mess.

Everyone gets an F for the day... except that dear husband of mine, who this morning, had impeccable timing!


Alasdair said...

I so rarely get to wear my shining armor, you know. I can't believe you got it between your toes. What a couple of pills!

That's a wicked cute post. :)

Me! said...

I sent you an email :o)