Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dog Day Afternoon

Odd things have been happening lately in the canine camp. Katy, the water-loving Newf, who now weighs around 100lbs at 10 months, managed to fit all of herself in the bathtub. No one asked her to climb in; she just volunteered.

Earlier in the week she had to take a bath because she dove into the duck pond at Whitman while crossing the stepping stone bridge from one side ot the other. Crossing this way is something my husband and I have done for YEARS. It definitely marks us as Whitties. One night while walking the pups, my favorite guy decided to try to cross that way with Katy. I looked up skeptically, thinking - oh I dunno - maybe she'd be like Max and refuse to cross. Nope - she did exactly as you'd expect from 100% Newf: DIVE IN!! She swam around a bit and played in the duck muck. She had a grand time - and had a smell to match. Thus, the bath.

Maybe she was asking us for another? In any case, she sure looked adorable.

In other Newf news, she is still badgering the hell out of Max. She chomps at his neck, ears and back while attempting to lay down completely on top of him. Given his 30 pounds vs. her 100, he's justifiably freaked out. He snarls, attempts to bite, and sometimes squeals as if she's injuring him. I always have to pull her off of him. If I find it stressful, I can only assume Max finds it a totally horrible experience.

This all happened after we brought them home from staying at a kennel for 11 days over the holidays. At first she attacked him when I tried to take him outside. Once I got that under control she switched to attacking him after she eats a treat. They get treats at the same time, and she always finishes hers first. When she does she goes over to try to take his. He stands his ground and she just scrounges crumbs. No snarling, no biting. Then when Max is finished with his, she attacks. It's awful.

After one of their brawls they always make up.

Here they are getting snuggly about an hour after their spat this morning over rawhide "cigarettes."

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