Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pulling Rank

This morning, like other mornings recently, my thick skulled Newfie pup has taken to pulling weeds for me. Yep. I have got to find a way to harness her inclination. Right now it's an annoyance because she's picking up the dried ones I pulled long ago and eating them. I know, I know - I could go out and do some yard tidying, but if you saw the enormity of the job and the utter lack of its necessity the way I do, you'd throw in the proverbial towel too and resign yourself to emptying the contents of her mouth and jowls like I do.

It all reminds me of old world monkeys (those who live in Africa and Asia like the macaques pictured to the left) who have cheek pouches they can use to store food for a time so they can eat it in peace away from higher ranking monkeys later.

Frequently, they lose the contents of their 'jowls' to monkeys who pull rank.

No one ever pulled rank on my feisty old dog when he was a juvenile, so when he gets hold of some illicit substance, a bribe and exchange is necessary.

If you don't want to be bitten each time you need to take something away from a dog, be advised to take things from them early and often, and often for no reason at all.

That way, when you have to assert authority you won't get a lot of flack in return.

The same thing works for people too, don't you think?

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