Tuesday, August 01, 2006

iPod + Amazon Shipping = Squashed Hopes

Today I received a package delivered via Airborne Express from Amazon. They were supposed to get my signature but failed to even knock on the door. What was so precious that it had to be expedited? Not the fancy new iPod I ordered nor my honey's anniversary present...

2 books worth 20 bucks!

I was so looking forward to having the new iPod so that I could send my dad my old one in time for his birthday next week. I guess he'll have to wait a little longer to find out which 20 of the 1200 songs he actually wants to listen to!

On that note, I wonder what he'll listen to out of those 1200+ choices?

I can safely guess that he'll like all of the classics from his generation - Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, etc. I should have put my Led Zeppelin collection on it before it started haivng trouble synching with my iTunes. He would have like that. I'm certain he'll think I don't have enough Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac on it, but I have Landslide so that'll do. He may be surprised to hear Alice's Restaurant.

I wonder what he'll think of the bizillion Arabic language lessons not to mention the French ones. There are about 35-40 hours of lessons on it and they come up frequently enough during the random shuffle to make it slightly annoying even for me. Maybe he'll find that he has a knack for languages like his kid. Or he may just skip those like I do 90% of the time.

I hope he likes the Ali Farka Toure.

... I hope the Amazon people didn't put the iPod on the slow boat...

... which reminds me that I once left an anonymous message on my dear sweet man's blog but managed to give myself away when I made a reference to "riding the slow bus" instead of "riding the short bus." Colloquial expressions escape me. That's because I read encyclopedias not kids books as a kid. I know XalaStar is saying to himself "but every book is a kid's book if the kid can read!"

So true. So true.

I guess I'll go read my new books while I wait for the slow boat to get here. I've earned some reading time after putting in a 10 hour day on my dissertation yesterday!

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