Monday, June 26, 2006

The Original Post

The recent addition to my small family of a rather large (42 pounds!) 14 week old puppy has created quite a few changes in the past two days. I'm getting up at the crack of dawn, mopping up Newfie slobber, paw prints, WATER, and all sorts of foul things, and worrying about every little thing she and my older, very sensitive spaniel does. To say she has run me ragged is an understatement. I am flat-out bushed, but honestly loving every bit of it. She is a ball of love, and he is, well, a crotchety old man who still adores me.

Introducing Katy's Bear Paw, the Newfoundland, who goes by Katy as in Katydid.

My regularly scheduled programming (scholarly tidbits from the field of evolutionary science and informed commentary about the world at large) will resume after we pass Housebreaking 101.

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