Monday, February 05, 2007

Travel Map

As seen at Psych Grad, this cool little map can easily be created here.

It's fun to see how many states I've been to - predominantly the West and Northeast - and how much of North America I've been to. I don't feel an overwhelming urge to visit all 50 states. But, I would like to go bird watching in southern Texas.

As for countries I'd like to visit? My top ten are: India, Turkey, Morocco, Peru, Cambodia, the Seychelles & Madagascar, Mali, Tanzania, and Rwanda. I think Mali, Madagascar, and Rwanda are the hardest to get to and will require the most cash. If I suddenly had $100,000 after paying off my student loans, I would go to Rwanda first - to see mountain gorillas. Then I'd go see lemurs in Madagascar, and finally I'd got to Timbuktu and the Festival of the Desert in Mali where I'd listen to some of my very favorite music, live.


psychgrad said...

That's a good idea...I should make a list of places I want to visit...definitely Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Morocco...

Jason Kester said...

I think that Blogabond does this a little better. They give you a real google map with your whole itinerary overlayed, as opposed to s simple gif image with countries colored in.

Here's a link. You be the judge: