Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Snow I Ordered Arrived!

That's right, last night while talking to my dear dad I mentioned that I found a new down-filled ski jacket on super sale and that I wanted it to snow so I could wear it before jetting off to NH for my defense, and my wish was granted contrary to my dad's own wish for no more snow. He lives in a place where it actually snows in the winter so he has a better excuse. I didn't think it would actually snow again here in the desert valley this winter, and I thought for sure I would have to wait until April in NH to bust out my new coat, but there are huge puffy flakes of white snow everywhere! The snow genie delivered! Yes.

... which all reminded me of the really cool road sign I saw in the last place on Earth I expected to see a snow advisory sign. I snapped the photo with the intent of someday turning the cool sign into something I could put on a Tshirt, magnet, etc.

I don't know very many Photoshop tricks, but I got at least this far in creating the image I want. Ideally the red would be pure red, minus the splotches, and the black would be pure black. All of the lines, including lettering would be crisp. Perhaps someone who knows more Photoshop tricks could clean it up for me (Maurice? Alasdair? Margot?)

Seeing the sign again also reminded me that I have already forgotten a lot of the Arabic I learned, but I do remember one of the absolute most vexing things about the language is that there are no vowels in the written form so you have to know the word already in order to know exactly how it is pronounced. The letters in the sign above are th-l-je(as in French) but it could be pronounced in a variety of ways.

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