Monday, February 05, 2007

Surveymonkey Insider Knowledge

This morning I tried to download my newest data from surveymonkey and got shutout. It told me I had to be a subscriber to export data. What a shocking development given I have been a "professional" subscriber for more than a year now. My survey looked completely normal otherwise.

Evidently the card I used to automatically pay each month expired. The notification was sent to my junk inbox so I didn't read the message until I found it there after discovering the problem. I have signed up for a professional subsciprtion again but surveymonkey hasn't yet recognized it yet so my new data is still inaccessible.

Originally, I signed up for the professional subscription ($20/month) so that I could 1) export data, and 2) use "logic" to direct people to particular questions based on their responses to previous ones. I kept the professional membership ever since - 17 months so far.

Now, it looks like I could have gotten away with spending A LOT less money. I think I could have signed up for a professional membership to design the survey with the logic, paying $20 once, and then could have canceled it. Then, after getting all of my data 18 months later, I could have signed up again so that I could export the data. I would have saved at least $320!

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