Monday, February 19, 2007

Quel plaisir!

Yesterday I had the pleasant experience of locating a CD I created of Le Petite Prince en francais.

I had managed to find the original copy online at a small bookstore in Montreal or Quebec (I forget which).

It was only available on cassette, but I wanted it in French, and Sleyed owned the software program Toast, so I purchased it anyway and Sleyed digitized it. I made a sticky label for it complete with St. Ex's drawings from the book, in color. It looked great, was fun to listen to, and really helped improve my pronunciation.

Unfortunately, the label might have degraded the quality of the data so it could only be played on the home stereo. It sounded fine for a while but then it became clear to me that whole sections were seriously degraded. Humpf.

So, I looked at the iTunes store and found a different recording, easily downloaded, and enjoyed... NOW.

Right now I am listening to Le Petite Prince en Francais!

Yahoo! It's been too long since I practiced French. I realized that after writing an email back to my Tunisien friend yesterday. He doesn't write in English very well but my French is passable (especially when I actually consult the dictionary!) so it works out for the best. It had been too long since I wrote anything of consequence in another language so it took far too long. It was a fun challenge though. Sleyed and I decided a while ago that if we have kids we'd like them to be bilingual. We should learn Spanish better because that would be more useful, but we figured that would be easy enough for them to learn on their own given where we live.

Fitting with my multi-tasking habits, I'm also blogging, scanning childhood photos of Sleyed's uncle and dad, and recording who sent Sleyed and I wedding cards ten years ago.

We found the cards in a box yesterday while spring cleaning. It was the one warm, sunny day in a long while so, naturally, we stayed inside all day and cleaned out our place. We decided to get rid of the cards after recording who sent cards in a little scrapbook we bought before the wedding (ten years ago!). It feels good to clean out stuff we don't really need to keep. And, it was fun to revisit that occassion.

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FLOR ♥ said...

This is awesome! I wish to live where you live to get my Le Petit Prince CD

Kind Regards from Argentina!