Friday, February 23, 2007

Spring Cleaning cont.

After all of the weekend spring cleaning Mr. Sleyed and I got done last weekend, I have been thinking about spring in general, the passage of time, and the future.
Hope springs eternal. Time flies...

This spring my sister will become a mom and I will become a PhD. I have a massive amount of work to do in a very short span of time, so every bit of it is precious, yet I have to plan for the reality of student loans coming due this spring, a surgery bill, and a big international trip, not to mention the defense trip, to pay for - ALL of which cause a pressing, immediate need for me to generate some creative ways to make money SOON. I wish that time didn't fly quite so fast.

Spring cleaning has also led me to think about how to make our dining room a more inviting and useful place. Right now it holds only a small, worn wood table and a rug. There's one picture on the bare, beige walls. If I had money, I'd buy more functional furniture for the room and deck it out in a modern style with classic, sleek lines in black and red. It might look vaguely Japanese or Chinese. I'd put my own version of the Time Flies Clock set pictured above on one of the walls. Instead of England and China, mine would be Tunisia and Japan, and the silhouettes would be black.

I am really looking forward to visiting Japan this summer. Today I'm uploading Pimsleur's Japanese to my iPod and have set out some travel books so I can check out all the options for places to go when I need a mental break from "dissertating."

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