Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yuki's Path of Destruction: Ways to R&R puppy style

Ever since her first day home, Yuki had a fondness for the garden lilies. It's just not a fondness I appreciated very much. After the number she did on my garden last year, it's a wonder how I managed to have any plants come back this spring. But, the lilies grew back and Yuki's back at them. This time, putting her ever-so-cute-I'm-not-gonna-get-in-trouble-spin on things.

Caught messing around once more in the lilies, she hammed it up for me by sticking her nose through the porch slats long enough for me to snap a photo to share. It really was adorable, that face. She still got asked to leave, though. Which she did, thankfully, and without too much damage done.

She's been running through the lilies ever since she got here. This shot I took right before she completely disappeared in them around this time last year when she was just 8 weeks old and small enough to hide in the long green fronds.

Yuki loves to R&R in unusual places.

Under the dishwasher..

Wedged between the toilet and bathtub..

** On **
Mr. Field Notes (he assures me this is actually very comfortable). They've also been napping like this since day one with no letting up now that she's approaching 100 pounds.


Nerida said...

So cute! Do you think she will get jealous when the baby is the one napping on Mr Field Notes?

Field Notes said...

Definitely! She gets jealous when we give Katy affection. She gets a whiff of Katy getting attention and comes barging over, literally. So, yes, I think she will definitely be jealous of Mr. FN's time with Baby Field Notes!