Friday, June 26, 2009

The New iPhones Rock!!!

First we dumped cable; then we dumped TMo. I still don't regret getting rid of cable. We never watch TV. And I doubt I'll regret switching over to you-know-who as part of the deal to get the iPhones. Mr. Field Notes and I both got the sooped up ones, the 32 GB 3GS.

We decided to get the larger capacity ones so we could shoot video easily and never really have to worry about how many songs, photos or videos are stored on them. The camera is suprisingly good. Here's a short video clip, one of the first we shot on the iPhone:

I've already started emailing my family photos and videos, so we can practice for when Baby Field Notes finally arrives. The camera and touch screen do take some getting used to, but is easy enough. And it is incredibly easy to email anyone photos and video taken completely on the phone. The only thing I don't like is that when I'm doing a gmail-based chat, the computer sometimes fills in words for me and changes spellings and entire words so I end up sending mangled garbage that makes no sense. I like chatting via gmail and Facebook to cut down on texting charges. The freebie games are pretty sweet too. "Paper Toss," a free game that involves tossing paper balls into an office garbage can with a fan blowing is pretty addictive. I think I've already given myself carpal, well actually forearm, tunnel syndrome at least once!

I even chatted via Facebook with a friend today while she was in labor. She certainly raises the bar for me! Not fair, not fair.

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Nanc Twop said...

Now your seriously ratcheting up my iPhone envy. Sigh.