Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Further Forays into Felt Food: Squid Dinner plus Veggies

I know, I know, it's poor form to ape other artists, but I had to try to make the squid I saw in my favorite felt food artist's shop on etsy. I am not selling it, so it's okay to plagiarize, right? Actually, most of the art I have ever made in my life is totally copied (sh! our little secret). I think most art at some level is.

The veggies are really easy to make yourself:
Green beans - piece of cake to make - just cut some green rectangles, roll tightly and stitch shut.
Cooked carrot slices - also easy - cut two quarter sized orange pieces and a long strand. Stitch the strand to one round doodad then most of the other. Leave a centimeter unstitched as an opening to put fiberfill inside, then stitch closed.
Green onion stalk - cut two of the cream pieces and two long green pieces about 1.5 centimeters wide and 10 inches long. Fold the stalks in half, pin, and machine stitch closed down the middle. Then stitch the bulb around the edges leaving space at the top to push the green stalks into the pocket and hand stitch closed.

The garlic bread and squid take a bit of fenagling but are relatively easy to make. It just takes a bunch of time to stitch the squid legs and the french knots used to make the pepper for the bread can be tedious. Two of the ten squid tentacles have little cups at the ends that were fun to make, and surprisingly easy to pull off. But, the squid 'legs' are enough of a pain that I would make them another way if I had to make another squid. One can always just buy one from GoBuggy on etsy, if she's got them in stock! Her store is very popular, for good reason. I think she's got the best Japanese felt food on etsy. But curiously enough, she hasn't done sushi. Hmmm. I'm eager to try that myself, in fact.


Virginia Burnett said...

I'm enjoying your felt food so much that it *almost* makes me wish I had another toddler around! Maxx is still just 5 so maybe he and I will make some felt food this summer. i don't know how we'll keep the dog hair out of it, though.

Wait - how will YOU keep the dog hair out of yours?

SquirrelGurl said...

Just a thought for your forays into felt food, have you considered puting velcro on some so that they can be "cut" apart?

My nephews had a wooden food set that velcroed together and they spent hours slicing their pieces of food. Theirs came from Melissa & Doug (http://www.melissaanddoug.com/dyn_prod.php?p=487)

Just a thought!


Field Notes said...

Thank you, Virginia!

Dog hair... hmmmm. Thankfully the two of those furballs have stayed in the living room and dining room under the fans while I sew from bed. They keep their distance in other words. It must be utterly boring too them. Plus, haven't you heard - we vacuum 4 times a day around here! LOL.

Field Notes said...

Hey SqG - Yes, I have thought about velcro. I'm just not impressed with the color choices for velcro, so unless I'm making black or tan or white food, I think the velcro would look ugly, which is why I haven't done it.

If I ever find green velcro, it would be cool to make an artichoke with detachable velcro-d leaves!