Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby Book - Finished!

A couple of after-lunch hours here and there and voilá,
The finished 'high contrast' baby book:

The front cover crinkles when touched and so do all of the pages with ribbon loops hanging off the edges. There are 6 pages.

My initial thought on which grommets to use didn't pan out — they were much too small. But before I even figured that out, I had an absolutely hilarious failure of a time 'winging it' to set the original grommets on test fabric. Problem — I didn't save the instructions and couldn't figure out that it's essential to punch a hole first and *then* set the grommets. Ooops! I finally figured out the right way to do it after visiting the king of knowledge: Google. And, thanks to Dr. Google, I picked up a new tool and learned how to set metal grommets.


Psychgrad said...

So adorable! It makes me think about what creative things I could do for a memory book.

SilverMonk said...

This is really cool.
I love it!