Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kiwi Fruit: Making felt fruits makes you crave them!

On a previous post I mentioned that I thought having kids play with healthy felt food would encourage them to adopt healthy eating habits. I haven't seen whether that's true (yet) but I did find that making felt kiwis definitely made me crave them!

During grad school I made a fruit smoothie a day (just about), sometimes with yogurt and sometimes with banana and orange juice as the base. One of my favorites was a combo of orange juice, kiwi, strawberry and whatever other fruits seemed good at the time: blackberries, papaya, mango. They were so yummy. I really have no idea why I stopped. But I think it would be good to try one; I just think it would totally aggravate my pregnancy-induced heartburn. Still, kiwis are so good for you — high in vitamin C and potassium, plus fiber (which is also good for pregnancy). And, they are super refreshing during the summer heat.

I think I may send Mr. Field Notes out on a run to buy kiwis... but he's already scheduled to give Big Katy a bath this afternoon. I would scrub her myself, but I can't bend over any more and the thought of simultaneously bending over, shampooing her hugeness and keeping her in the bath tub is just too much. I can't even begin to think about how much of a royal pain in the keester she'd be to dry off. That's why Mr. Field Notes picked up that assignment. He he. Pregnancy has its perks.

And really, the thought of heartburn from that kiwi smoothie makes me just want to have a McFlurry instead. Would you believe that both the M&M and Butterfinger ones are loaded with heartburn medication? I didn't either until I started eating them..

I can always start eating kiwis again, let's see, around July 28 or so!

Besides the felt kiwis, I also finished making a felt sub bun, tomato halves, onion slices and two pieces of ham for it. Some of the goodies for the sandwich I made previously can be used on the sub, which means more versatility for making sammies. Next up: Green beans.


GreenPunkMama said...

That felt sub looks awesome!

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

the sensibility of the kiwis slices are smile-inducing!

armouris said...

other info on kiwi here - Kiwi Goodness

marissa said...

Have I really not checked in for THAT long? oh my gosh you finished your dissertation (I'm totally impressed and jealous) and oh my gosh you've got a baby girl in your tummy?! (again totally impressed and jealous) yes yes, a big fat congratulations and of course your fake food is adorable!

punchanella said...

this is a weird thing you're doing because you're pregnant. you'll stop once the baby is here.

i started doing kusudama non-stop when i was nearing my due date... all under the guise that the baby would like looking at it hanging above his crib... like a fiend i tell you.

that's my theory anyway. ;)

Field Notes said...

Punch, I bet you are right!

I definitely won't have the same 'free' time I do now.