Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Visual Stimulation, Part 2

Nursing shirts ought to be made out of cloth with funky, bold black and white patterns. Or, burp cloths need to be. I concluded this after observing that Baby Field Notes spends a significant amount of time each day staring at my inner elbow, which has got to be utterly boring. She does eventually fall asleep, which can be welcome, but for a baby who is having trouble gaining weight, not something that is welcome after 5 minutes lazily munching away. Something more interesting to look at would be a good idea... not that I need yet another project.

I finished the visual stim cloth book, and although it isn't truly useful yet, it will be. You can check it out here. I've also finished the tag blankets, three of them, one for BFN and one for her soon-to-be-nephew and another one for her other nephew.

She's already using hers. I drape it over the ugly plastic tray on her swinging chair. She hangs out in there while I try to get work done after she's fed but before she's ready to fall asleep. Today it kept her quiet for 15 minutes before she crashed out on her milk induced coma.


Suzie said...

So I was googling things regarding black and white visual stimulation and I found your blog. And I was laughing as I begun reading the part about mom's shirts should be made out of funky patterns and burp cloths too. And I laughed because I just started my own compnay Zeebabee Designs with that concept in mind. Check it out: http://www.zeebabee.com

By the way I loved your cloth book.... :)

Field Notes said...

That is excellent Suzie! They are such a good idea. I wish you lots of success in marketing them to discerning moms everywhere =D