Monday, August 17, 2009

New Baby = No Time/No Hands for Blogging!

I was going to write a real blog post, even if it was going to be short and sweet, just to get a new one on the record so it looks like I haven't abandoned blogging, but just when I get a moment to myself — finally — I go back to having no hands available for typing.

I have for the sake of getting work done, figured out how to type one handed, albeit incredibly painstakingly slowly and even more pathetically with my left hand only, however, I lack the patience to blog one handed.

So, off I go to answer the call of nature. The hungry, crying baby that is.




I love this concept of an educated and willing acceptance and listening of what used to be a "Baby Alien" language. This new communication plus "Baby Sign" language is necessary for our collective sanity and well being.

Juliet said...

I was completely expecting some sort of joke at any moment, but it turned out to be interesting. Have you found that you hear Neh?

Becky said...

I'm with you on the frustration of having no free hands. My blog has suffered exceedingly, as well. Looks like you caught up though. :)