Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spoil your dog: Extravagant dog toys.

People these days spoil their dogs like their kids, making them truly part of the family. Toys are a big part of that. But like new babies and toddlers, dogs often take the most pleasure in the cheapest toys. Rag towels, cardboard rolls from the used up TP, empty soda bottles, and the classic — plentiful, free — sticks. Our big Katy loves to play with rocks too.

The one store bought (and sometimes homemade) toy they both absolutely flip for is squeaky toys. The smaller the better. They stuff them into their cavernous mouths, leaving their jowls fully inflated and then run from one end of the house to the other, squeaking the toy rhythmically the whole time. Dollar store squeaky dog toys are usually money well spent. But sometimes their teeth puncture the plastic quickly, deflating all the excitement. I have yet to find a supply of good, loud, cheap bulk squeakers. If/when I do, I'll buy them and stuff old socks with them. They both love taking socks out of the clothes basket so it would be a perfect combination. The only thing better would be couple of ragged, torn old towel ends hanging out from both ends.

If you're not on a tight budget like everyone else in America (the world?) you can splurge on these extravagant toys I found today while trying to find an example of a small, cheap squeaky toy for Big K. The third one is a bit ridiculous, but I can actually see people buying it.

Toy 1: The Poor Dog's Extravagance: Corded Puli Dog Plush Squeaky Toy — a toy that looks like a Portuguese water dog, complete with realistic black dreadlocks and Rastafarian collar.

Toy 2: Middle of the Road Splurge: Premium O'Drools, Super Slobber Brew — a 'beer bottle' for your dog that squeaks.

Toy 3: Champagne and Caviar: The Sleepover Suitcase Giftbox
Inside a Louis Vuitton-esque suitcase lies a plush terry robe ($25 extra will get you a giant breed sized one), a squeaker toy "Bark Street Journal" newspaper, an embroidered plush squeaky toy passport, a yellow plush NYC-style taxi cab that squeaks, a stylish ceramic food dish, organic turkey and parmesan bone-shaped cookies, and a luxurious chocolate brown throw blanket. Only $150 to provide retail therapy for your dog's first night away from home.


The Empty Envelope said...

I love the puli!!!

We have a hard time finding good toys for our dog. He has a small mouth but a big dog chew need and big dog attitude.

I've tried the realistic looking ducks and hunting type toys, thinking maybe he'll herd them. He does and then demolishes them in the matter of 3 hours.

We knot up the holey socks and give them to him. It started when he was a teething pup cause I thought that would feel nice. It's still his favorite.

RunsWithScissors said...

My dogs love to rip paper, so give them an old catalog, magazine, phone book (make sure they are staple free) and they are so happy. Boxes are fun. One chewed a hole in the corner of a box and then put it over his head and walked around the yard. My neighbor called to say my dog had a box stuck on his head. I said No, he doesn't and the neighbor didn't believe me until I pointed out he wasn't running into anything. Soda bottles are a must, but I put a few kibbles inside them to give them something to figure out.

Field Notes said...

The puli is pretty darn cute. And, with the rope hair, would probably be well-received around here. But what's hair today is sure to be gone hair tomorrow!


You've got a nice neighbor to let you know, even if it was your dog's idea of fun. They're looking out for you.

Ours love to rip, mouth, teeth on paper too. But seeing as how that's a precious and valued resource around here, between the handmade paper and the loads of academic books and journals, paper is strictly verboten.

Sometimes.. though.. usually to the accompaniment of my rolling eyes, Mr. Field Notes lets Big Katy 'frank' documents before they go to my paper stash pile.

She opens her mouth, bites down gently then releases. I don't know why it's so fun, it just is!

LeelaBijou said...

Great article! I had a nice time reading it! ^_^

The Empty Envelope said...

Laughing my head off at the dog with the box and the 'franking'.

Mine loves paper too. But I'm a paper nut, so that's kind of a no no too. He did steal some children shaped buttons. *sigh*

kim* said...

i used to spoil my cat but he loves cheapy things like milk twistys from the milk caps and yarn

MichellesCharmWorld said...

OMG! that suitcase is adorable!!

info said...

Omg #3 is adorable! And if you're Paris Hilton, it might just be the perfect present for your pet... But for the rest of us out there who love our dogs but can't afford designer dog toys... there's cute stuff like this that don't cost a fortune: http://www.lataz.com/theme/christmas/wooferang-fetch-toy.html

Field Notes said...

Thanks for the link - I remember seeing that boomerang for dogs =D

On our girls' wish list is this hard to find fish:
The Bodhi Carp

It got glowing reviews from 2 newfies!

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