Thursday, November 13, 2008

Army of the 12 Monkeys: Monkey of the Month Club on sale now

Introducing the much loved 2008 Monkey of the Month Club felted OrnaMonkey ornament set.

All year long I release one unique monkey species into the wild. A mandrill, a few lemurs, a macaque, a capuchin, a langur or two, two tamarins, the monogamous titi monkey, and maybe a rare uakari or saki monkey round out the twelve.

Normal enrollments in the club fetch the member one monkey per month. This particular one gets the member ALL of the monkeys at once. This saves a lot on the cost of shipping and makes it possible for you to give them as a gift set for Christmas or spread them out among monkey-loving friends, family and teachers. You could hog them all to yourself. They are just that cute!

Each monkey comes with a bio-blurb so you can learn what makes each monkey unique among primates.

Recommended uses: Hang on a tree, in a window, pinned or hung on a bag, backpack or hung from door knobs, even your rear view mirror. This is one set of monkeys you'll love all year long.

And, because the felt used in the OrnaMonkeys is "eco-spun" felt made from recycled plastic bottles, you can feel good about supporting the use of recycled materials. The purchase of anything from me helps me to make charitable contributions each year to conservation organizations. I donate to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and the Jane Goodall Institute. Both work to increase the amount of land set aside for conservation. This helps not only the primates that live there, but all the other species as well. They even help people living near the monkeys and apes by providing employment in the parks, funding local schools and helping families begun small businesses that use the area's natural resources sustainably.

Photos show many of the monkeys that are part of the set. This set gives you a 40% savings compared with buying the monkeys individually. Click on any of the photos for more details.


The Empty Envelope said...

Oh cute! Those would make a great teacher gift. Gonna have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

These are awesome! And how wonderful of you to donate to the Jane Goodall Inst. - she is one of my heros!

Cards By Jenna said...

These are so adorable and would make great gifts year round!