Friday, September 14, 2007

Your Opinion Wanted Now

I sculpted this little monkey out of black Fimo clay. She can hold one stick of incense in the little pot she holds in front of her belly.

She measures 1.5 inches tall & wide and about 2 inches deep.

Do you think people would buy these little guys?

How much do you think people would pay for them?

I'm thinking about changing the pot to a red heart to make them even cuter. Would that be an improvement?


Mr. Field Notes said...

Well, I would certainly buy your little lady... Maybe I shouldn't say for how much, so as to not bias others.

ScienceWoman said...

I don't burn incense, so I personally wouldn't buy it, but I did like your sock monkeys and those I might. You could open up a shop on Etsy (or at least do some research there to see what similar things are going for).

BrightStar said...

It's really sweet! I don't think you should change it.

Nadine said...

I also don't burn incense, but it is very cute. I do think you might want to try changing the color and shape of the pot.

Field Notes said...

Thanks for your input :-) I will make another one soon now that I have red Fimo!