Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Been A While

Earlier today Mr. Field Notes casually mentioned that he thought he had reached an archived page when he checked my blog. Evidently it's been a while (a week) since I last wrote something.

Where has the time gone? I'd say its a toss up between having three different guests stay with us in the past week and working on projects in preparation for the launch of my web-based store. Today was supposed to be the big photo shoot for my inventory but 1/4 the way through the shoot the batteries for the camera died. The back up set was also dead.

While they recharged I imported more video footage (of the dogs playing) onto my laptop. I already had several GBs of the dogs on my laptop when we got back from Japan, but I didn't have enough to fill an entire DVD. Now that I have enough dog footage to burn a DVD, I will. First I've got to edit it! Then I can dump the files so I can make room for the footage I shot in Japan months ago. It's just about the right time to revisit Japan too.

Now that the camera batteries are recharged I could resume the shoot but unfortunately the light has changed enough to make it pointless. Tomorrow morning should be just right.

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