Sunday, September 02, 2007

Photoshop is Fab!

This morning I touched up the watercolor I did of the mediterranean street. I lightened the color which I think brightens the entire scene up considerably. I also got rid of two dog hairs (thanks Katy!) and fixed some of the bleed overs in the purple stone wall and the brown tower.

What a difference, eh?

You can't really see where I've touch up the bleed over, but you can in the larger versions.

I've penciled out the lines for my next watercolor - a Newfy surfing out to rescue someone. Attached to her leg by a rope is a lifesaver ring that trails behind in the wave. It's very cartoony and will have bright colors.

And I am fortunate to find someone who can be a mentor for me in my apps to TT (tenure track) positions at SLACs (small liberal arts colleges). She's agreed to look over my teaching and research statements to help me improve them. I only wish there were more openings! So far I've only seen one that I am excited about. It's at a top ranked small liberal arts college in MN.

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