Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I finally made Plantable Christmas Cards!

It took a custom order request to finally get me around to making them, but I finally created plantable Christmas (or holiday or Hanukkuh if you prefer) cards.

The doves on the fronts of the cards are plantable and will grow flowers when planted properly. Instructions are printed in the backs of the cards, which are also 100% recycle paper, albeit not the fancy handmade kind.

I've decided to sell them in sets of 10 since it keeps the cost down and means people can still get a good number of them for those very special people they wish to send them to.

The message on the front and inside can be customized as can the color of the doves and the type of seeds they include.

They are for sale now, so if you like them you can order them in advance of the holiday rush. Clicking on any of the pictures will take you to the right place!


High Desert Diva said...

These are great!

I notice you have butterflies for sale in your shop...would you be willing to sell just the doves (no card) as well?

Field Notes said...

Definitely =D
I just haven't listed them yet.

Some of the butterflies I have for sale are very small, but these doves are quite large in comparison, so be sure to read the listing descriptions carefully.

Shell Mitchell said...

Beautiful - such a great idea!

kim* said...

the bird card is pretty neat :) i love the texture and color

High Desert Diva said...

I'm helping decorate a tree for the Hospice auction along with the rest of our local Garden Club. We're doing a dove theme (more or less) and we were considering having packages of seeds available also. (Garden Club tie-in) I think these doves would be a better idea. Would you please e-mail me when you have them listed?

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Now that is fun...and not so holiday that it couldn't be for winter or other winter holidays beyond Christmas.

Sayo said...

I noticed your shop a while ago and thought your cards were great then... I like these new designs even better!

Mary said...

these are wonderful! love them!

Cell and Developmental said...

These are great! The blue dove looks beautiful, not to mention useful too :) All the best this holiday season :)