Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Exciting Afternoon

I have a restless Newfoundland puppy at my side. She expects me to bite the other end of the sock — the dirty, sweaty, man-foot sock — that she fetched from the clothes basket. She brought it to me and unlike Katy, who would always slither off to suck on them, Yuki pushed this one straight under my nose and when I didn't bite it, she dropped it on my chest.

This is a huge improvement over barking in my face.

We're still having barking issues. But, we're chipping away at it everyday and have seen measurable progress with noontime walks. Taking them down to campus at noon gives us 8 hours of peace and ..relative.. quiet afterward.

We didn't do that today because of the work Mr. Field Notes and I had on our plates, and I did get my work finished by 5pm (which is a major coup) — yet somehow we managed to have a day that went mostly like this:

I don't think this is likely to happen again.

They love that 'dog couch' so much I am loathe to get rid of it, but it is getting pretty ratty.


Psychgrad said...

Who knew Nirvana was such a sedetive for dogs?

Forever Foxed said...

What adorable dogs!

SHI said...

This is definitely a familiar site. I should've kept our old couches and used them for the dogs! Instead the new furniture I bought right before we got the dogs are now their beds and looking quite ratty :( But I do love the gentle giants that sleep on them!

kim* said...

aw twin doggies :)

leaderofmen said...

Love those giant paws!

(what is that on the floor? Is that a bunny?!)

Field Notes said...

LOL - it's one of their toys - a hedgehog I think.

Jennifer said...

HAHA That looks like my old couch that I gave to my ex-husband. lol