Monday, April 21, 2008

11 day blog vacation over!

In case you couldn't guess, I disappeared into blog oblivion because of the incredible free advertising my little store received. I have just now begun to come out the other side of it, which means two things:
* sales have tapered back to slightly above normal
* I have enough time to blog again

While I'd love to write something thought-provoking here tonight, I'm just going to give you an 'advance' of posts I have planned for the upcoming week:
* Earth Day
* hamadryas baboons and the FLDS scene
* making a fake entrails dog toy - good, clean, fun evisceration
* shooting at the gun range

That should be a pretty good week!


Anonymous said...

Happy to have you back! I miss it when you don't blog. Shooting at the gun range? Can't wait for that one!

The Nature Nut said...

Wow - congratulations on being featured and having your store emptied! That happened to me once and I loved it, but it was pretty exhausting.

Glad you're back!

XUE said...

Congratulations on all these sales & free advertising! Nice to see you in the Forum again & welcome back to blogworld!